March 25, 2023

Celebrity fashion designer Omoniyi Makun aka Yomi Casual has bemoaned the increase in the rate at which ladies now go about baring their bodies in public.

Bespoke stylist and younger brother of Comedian AY, described as maddening the sudden urge among ladies to expose their nakedness.

He wondered what in the world such ‘crazy act’ was about recommending that prompt measures must be taken to nib same in the bud.

Yomi further urged women take task themselves with the responsibility of speaking up against indecent dressing among themselves seeing the rate of almost nude ladies in public places has become quite alarming.

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He wrote: “To be honest I think women need to start talking to other ladies. My God!! What these ladies wear out these days calls for attention. Abeg what’s this craziness about?

“U go to the eatery, supermarket etc and they are wearing shorts and u can see their bum cheeks? What’s wrong with these girls?

“Last time one came with a t-shirt and just her panties under, even d security guy shook his head.

“What’s wrong ladies? The urge to go naked is becoming like madness..jeez!!!”

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